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My story

Designer — Dreamer — New Yorker

My story starts, unfolds and ends in New York City. I was born in Manhattan, spend my childhood in the shadow of Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, Learned to hustle in Brooklyn and was raised and became a man in Queens.

Growing up in this great city, was an upbringing full of opportunities for those who work hard and dream big. I was always a dreamer, my dream was to become a fashion designer and design streetwear collections that pays tribute to the place in which I grew up, my home — New York City.

It started with nothing more than a frail dream to create something lasting and make a difference in people’s lives. But for as long as I can remember I have been sketching down fashion designs and had new ideas pop into my mind every waking moment — and in my dreams too.

Even though I didn’t have the money or any connections in the fashion industry, I refused to give up on my dream. I had to become a fashion designer, giving up was not an option I could even imagine. I like to think of my mindset as brave and courage — in all honesty, it was probably more like a state of complete denial — but it gave me the drive to work even harder every day to make my dream a reality.

What I lacked in funds and professional network, I had in resilience and decisiveness not to let anything get in my way. I would never stop pursuing my dream.

In 2017, all my hard work and dedication turned into the launch of my first collection of clothing available exclusively through my own website, I wanted the brand name, ChristianWest-NewYork, to reflect where I come from as a designer and as a person, and where I get all my inspiration.

Located in Queens, where I design the entirety of my collection, I get inspiration from the streets of NYC. The unique urbane style you see when you cruise through town is something special and different and not quite like what you find anywhere else.

The gritty style of the NYC streetwear culture perfectly reflects my journey to get where I am today. I don’t design haute couture or formal regalia, I exclusively design streetwear and athletic apparel for men and women. From tank tops, women’s workout leggings, hoodies, tees, mini shorts, sweaters and dresses to hats, bags, and accessories, I design clothing for a modern urban lifestyle that I live and love.

Clothing that reflects life and lets you live it to the fullest.

I want my designs to fit your lifestyle and make you feel comfortable as you go on your journey to realize your dreams. And if they can serve as a reminder that hard work does pay off — if you stay committed to your dreams and don’t give in — my mission would be complete!

Everything I do is the result of not giving up and always staying positive. And I hope that the designs resulting from this attitude will inspire others to live there dream too.

My collections will only be available through my own website, so browse through the web shop to find the newest and hottest designs from ChristianWest-NewYork. You won’t find any of these designs anywhere else.

From NYC to streetwear followers and fashion connoisseurs around the globe, ChistianWest-NewYork is streetwear and athletic apparel with a message:

Live your dream & wear my passion

LIFE is short. Start doing things you dream of. Stop analyzing everything, when you speak, appreciate every word, it might change someone's life. DO WHAT YOU LOVE, & DO IT OFTEN. Life is Simple. open your mind, arms & soul to new things. We are all different but united. Share your dream to inspire others around you. TRAVEL OFTEN, getting lost will help you find yourself. Some doors only open once, run through it & seize it. Life is about the people we meet along our journey, & the things we create with them. SO GO & START LIVING. don't wait for people to push you, they just might push you towards the wrong path. you are you, no other one knows you as you do. LIVE YOUR DREAM & WEAR MY PASSION.


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